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irrawaddy aboutIrrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) spitting water in Chilika lagoon, India. This behavior could be either to stun fish, or it could possibly be a post suction-feeding event (pers.comm R Pitman) since the structure of the lower jaw, teeth arrangement and beak shape are conducive to suction feeding.@ Dipani Sutaria.

The Marine Mammal Conservation Network of India is a non-profit portal to facilitate marine mammal research and conservation in India by providing scientifically accurate information. The web site was created in 2008 with financial support from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, UK and and strong encouragement from Nicola Hodgins.

Overall maintenance of the site is carried out by K.S. Natarajan and Kumaran Sathasivam. 

Deepa Ramamurthy volunteered to develop the species accounts and gave considerable time to this work. Sruthi Jayabal, Shaunak Modi and Danish Hashmi are the SOS team, who help keep our website safe from the world and for the world. 

National and International Marine mammal scientists help with technical evaluations and content. 

Contacts of individuals carrying out Marine Mammal Research in India

Abhishek Jamalabad : Abhishek is a MSc in marine biology, studying marine mammal - fisheries interactions off the coast of Karwar, Karnataka since 2015. He has worked with the WWF-Goa office where he helped collect behavioral data around dolphin tourism boats. He is affiliated to Terra Marine Research Institute. Email : Abhishek.Jamalabad@gmail.com

Avik Bannerjee : Avik is a MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore. For his MSc thesis he studied interactions between humpback dolphins and fisheries in Kochi harbor, Kerala. Email : avik1593@gmail.com

Coralie D'Lima, PhD : Coralie is the Senior Programme Coordinator at WWF-India Marine Program. For her PhD she studied Irrawaddy dolphin conservation, titled 'Striking a balance between fishing, tourism and dolphin conservation at Chilika Lagoon, India. Email: Coralie.dlima@gmail.com

Dipani Sutaria, PhD : Dipani is a freelance ecologist, studying marine mammals since 2001. She is interested in animal behaviour, habitat ecology, socio-ecological systems analysis, and population dynamics. She is advising students who are interested in ecology and conservation. She is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at James Cook University, Australia. EmailDipani.Sutaria@gmail.com

Divya Panicker : Divya is a MSc in Wildlife Biology and is studying marine mammals in India since 2013. She first studied humpback dolphins in Kerala and is currently studying marine mammal diversity in the Lakshadweep islands. Divya is interested in looking in multi-species groups and inter species interactions. Email : Divya145@gmail.com

Elrika D’Souza, PhD : Elrika is a marine biologist and has been studying Dugongs in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for more than a decade. She is affiliated to Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore and her work on Dugongs and Sea grass habitats continues on the islands. Email : Elrikad@gmail.com

Isha Bopardikar : Isha is a MSc in marine biology and is currently researching marine mammals in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra under KCRT. Isha is interested in marine mammal communication and the role of ambient noise on communication. Email : Isha.Bopardikar@gmail.com

Ketki Jog : Ketki is a MSc in marine biology, studying marine systems since 2012 and is currently researching marine mammals in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra under KCRT. She is interested in long term research on marine mammal behaviour, culture and interactions with fisheries. Email : Ketki.Jog@gmail.com 

Mahi Mankeshwar : Mahi Mankeshwar studied the intricate phylum of Bryozoans from the Ratnagiri coastline for her Masters by Research in Zoology and has been involved in marine biology ever since. In 2016 she started her research on cetaceans present in the waters of Andaman and Nicobar islands and is interested in knowing the habitat use of cetacean species and how oceanographic factors influence their distribution. Email : Mahi.Mankeshwar@gmail.com

Mihir Sule : Mihir is a MSc in marine biology studying marine systems since 2012 and is currently researching marine mammals in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra under KCRT. Mihir is interest in marine mammal ecology, habitat ecology and its role in speciation and population structure. Email : Mihir.Sule@gmail.com

Rahul Muralidharan : Rahul is a PhD candidate at ATREE, and has been studying dolphins off the coast of Tamil Nadu with the help of artisanal fishers since 2009. He is interested in studying the effect of the state's conservation/ development policies on fishing communities and coastal dolphins. Email : Rahul.muralidharan@atree.org