If you were fortunate to sight marine mammals or have dealt with strandings, kindly record them here and help build a database.

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Sightings and Strandings

Vedharajan Balaji
OMCAR Palk Bay Centre
Velivayal Thanjavur Dist
Tamil Nadu
INDIA - Tamilnadu
* According to the current understanding of distribution, Fin, Minke and Sei whales are not present in the Northern Indian ocean.
the dugong had scars on the body, might be from fishing net. it might be drowned to death by fishing gears. No boat propeller scars or collision accident scars on the body. Intestine had half digested seagrass (Halophila sp.,)
Location Adaikkathevan Thanjavur Dist
Sex Male
Total body weight ~450kg
Total body length 280cm
Snout to Centre of Anal Opening 202 cm
Snout to Centre of Genital Opening 160 cm
Snout to centre of umbilicus -
Head plus neck length 30 cm
Head length 20 cm
Neck length 16 cm
Genital opening length
Anal opening length 5 cm
Distant of teat from body centre line 30 cm
Snout length 18 cm
Snout width 26 cm
Chin length 15 cm
Chin width 16 cm
Distance separating tusks from the tips --
Tusk length (while attached in maxillary) 5 cm
Snout to nostrils 10 cm
Snout to eyes 18 cm
Snout to external auditory meatus --
Eye to nostril 19 cm
Eye to external auditory meatus 15 cm
Eye to gape ---
Gape length ---
Eye height 4 cm
Eye length 6 cm
Nostril height
Nostril width
Total nostril width
Circumference measurement taken along the auditory meatus 37 cm
Anterior flipper length 43 cm
Fluke width 87 cm
Fluke Length 40 cm
Umbilical girth --
Anal girth --
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