If you were fortunate to sight marine mammals or have dealt with strandings, kindly record them here and help build a database.

Your submission will be freely available on the internet for cetacean research and conservation.

Please provide appropriate contact information considering that genuinely interested persons may like to contact you.

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Sightings and Strandings

Abhijeet Prabhudesai
INDIA - Maharashtra
Unidentified baleen whale
* According to the current understanding of distribution, Fin, Minke and Sei whales are not present in the Northern Indian ocean.
This whale was found on Polem beach. Two parts of the whale were found about 50m apart, measuring about 7m and 6.5m.
It had beached about 2 weeks prior to the time we found out about it. The date of the record is therefore adjusted accordingly.
Based on the flipper, it is certainly not a Humpback whale, but could be any of the other whales. The carcass condition does not allow us to ID.
The Goa network got word from the LifeGuard at Polem beach. We contacted Nirmal Kulkarni and Jehan Bhujwala for help if they knew anyone close by. Nirmal got in touch with Abhijeet from Rainbow Warriors as they were the closest to Polem. His contact Dattaprasad Prabhugaonkar at Polem sent us the pictures and the details.