If you were fortunate to sight marine mammals or have dealt with strandings, kindly record them here and help build a database.

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Sightings and Strandings

Evan Nazareth
INDIA - Andaman Islands
Dwarf sperm whale
* According to the current understanding of distribution, Fin, Minke and Sei whales are not present in the Northern Indian ocean.
We spotted 3 of them on the port side of the ship on the way back from hutbay. They were moving diagonally away from the ship at 40degrees and 450m from the vessel. They spent most of the time on the surface, with low surface dives.
Evan Nazareth, Adreeja and Milan Sojitra - photo's attached.
Species has been confirmed by Robin Baird, Thomas Jefferson, John Wang, Robert Brownell.
The usual confusion is between Kogia Sima, Kogia brevicps and Feresa attenuata.
Comments from the experts
1. Kogia sima (not breviceps) - the dorsal fins looks too big and too far forward to be Kogia breviceps.
2. The shape of the back and steep head that are visible, and the behavior of apparent rafting at surface (seen in all photos) make it certain.
3. Not Feresa - the body proportions (dorsal fin size in relation to amount of back visible) are not consistent with Feresa. Image 499 (left individual) clearly shows a K. sima, rather than K. breviceps, based on fin shape and relative size in relation to the amount of back visible.
Pic 3
Pic 4