Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society


wdcsWDCS, the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society, is the world's most active charity (Registered No.1014705) dedicated to the conservation & welfare of all whales, dolphins & porpoises (also known as cetaceans).
This team of people are dedicated & determined to do their best for animals & money raised is spent on conservation, research & education projects that really do make a difference to daily lives & long- term security of thousands of whales, dolphins & porpoises around the world.

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & the Environment


atreeATREE was established in 1996 to combine principles of natural and social sciences to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable development; and, to build the necessary social and human capital needed to address our most pressing environmental challenges.
ATREE deals with the issues relating to India's rapidly diminishing biological resources and natural ecosystems, and the environmental, social and economic dimensions and implications of this decline.


Green Life Society


greenlifeGreenLife Society, works on environmental & human related issues to preserve the natural balance between humans & nature.You can report any suspected illegal activity Dugong killing, stranding, shark finning, turtle egg poaching, whale hunting or strandings.Please send us an email and any details or evidence you have on the above activities.




reefwatchIn the last 10 years, Reef Watch Marine Conservation (RWMC) has become one of the leading organizations in India working on marine and coastal conservation issues.
A NGO, registered as Public Charitable Trust under the Societies Registration Act, established in 1993 in Mumbai, India, as a Research & Education organization.




wwfWWF-India is engaged in a multitude of activities for protection & conservation of the environment in the Indian context.
The goal of the WWF’s Marine Programme is to maintain the biodiversity and ecological processes of marine & coastal ecosystems while ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources.


Bombay Natural History Society


bnhsThe Bombay Natural History Society is today the largest NGO in the Indian sub-continent engaged in nature conservation research. In the 120 years of its existence, its commitment has been, & continues to be, the conservation of India's natural wealth, protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources for a balanced and healthy development for future generations.


Bycatch Reduction Techniques Database

http:// www.bycatch.org/

bycatchBycatch Reduction Techniques Database - Maintained by the Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction at www.bycatch.org and is a searchable collection of references and summaries of over 150 bycatch reduction studies.the Consortium supports collaborative research between scientists and the fishing industry to identify practical bycatch reduction solutions for endangered species.

Central Marine Fisheries Institute


cmfriThe Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Agriculture in 1947 became a member of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) family in 1967.
The headquarters was shifted from Mandapam Camp to Cochin in 1971. Over the period, the Institute has grown significantly in its size, stature & research infrastructure.